more inkqua (draw what you know, I guess)

2spookykat asked: [cups your face] [looks deeply into your eyes] [whispers] new shantae in 3 days

omg omg how did I not know about a new 3ds shantae hECK ME
i thought you meant half genie hero for a sec so i checked the kickstarter and apparently they hit 900k so there’s gonna be three more playable characters

Anonymous asked: you're so fucking rude tbh ~ fucking unfollowed


it’s still inktober, right?


Fact: bisexuals have the power to sarcastically vanish into thin air upon hearing someone deny their existence. Unconfirmed reports suggest that this power may also be shared by pansexuals and asexuals.

Anonymous asked: Ok, well since its Sunday, what is a really basic summary of SPF? Like, the kind you'd find on the back of its book form ovo do you ever plan to write/draw it out?

A basic plot summary might be

"A story about a bookworm, an adorkable fire mage, and a sassy siren in which an eldritch abomination escapes and must be tracked down and resealed before it destroys the fabric of reality itself"

my bff gabriellamentry and I have been working on it for years and she does the writing. It was going to be some kind of illustration + chapter of text thing and then it was going to be a webcomic and right now I don’t know what it is or will be but hopefully someday it’ll see the light of day in a finished form

I mean we already have a sequel or two drafted so

Anonymous asked: Could I perhaps bother you to talk about your ocs? They all look so cool, and I'd love to learn about who/what they are and their stories ovo

a bunch of drawings/info is listed under my #spf tag, and also #spf sunday for when I answer clusters of asks about them!

feel free to chime in with more specific questions if you have them though ♥

dating a siren can be hazardous to your health

finished redesigning mar’s outfit and boy do I like it

can’t get punk xion out of my head