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Hi, I'm Rams and I draw stuff from that one game with the giant keys

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wol and I were talking about if kairi’s signature keyblade was something less dainty and magic-based and more like terra’s type of heavy physical keyblades and so I modified chaos ripper and threw in some oathkeeper and

say hello to Collision Radiance

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lays down on the floor and cries

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i empathize with squall on a deep level

6 days ago // ff8 - squall leonhart - arts - i think he was still in his prom tux during the scene but i don’t care - i'm diving back into ff8 lets see how long i last - + 336

mir wrote me more fic go read it right now

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stealin the bfs’ clothes again

1 week ago // kingdom hearts - kairi - sorikai - ot3 - in case it wasn’t clear that they’re all definitely sleeping together - also those are riku’s boxers because apparently his pants weren’t enough - arts - + 519

sometimes you gotta steal your boyfriends’ clothes

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Sailor Radiant Garden, defender of science, and… well, mostly science

(with apologies to quintessentialverbalized)

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what if ombre hair riku

1 week ago // kingdom hearts - riku - arts - we were also talking about a headcanon where - riku's hair was white when he was little and then got darker when he got older - it just gets more and more lavender every year - + 490

riku + text posts

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Anonymous asked: Because of you and your art, Kairi in my head is basically a flawless warrior queen who could rip the wings off of Ho-oh without batting an eyelid.

GOOD this is good this is exactly the effect I wanted my art to have

long live the queen

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