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ToS liveblog part six

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14 hours ago // rams plays tos - + 5

me? i’m a… d eater??

1 day ago // i made wol post this - i forced her hand - + 4820

Being a Master brings a lot of anxiety and that carries over to dreams and no matter how good you are, consuming your own nightmares is never easy.

a headcanon in which Riku has nightmares that he’s alone, fighting endless, unwinnable battles forever

1 day ago // kingdom hearts - riku - arts - tw: blood /////// - like a lot of blood - the fight with YMX made me think what if he just trapped riku - in a repeating time loop of fighting him forever and ever - getting all the masters and potential masters out of the way - it's my birthday i'll draw self indulgent crap if i want to - + 803

ToS liveblog part cinq

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1 day ago // rams plays tos - + 7

acnl adventures: birthday edition

2 days ago // rams plays ac - + 20

ToS liveblog part quatre

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ToS liveblog part trois

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ToS liveblog part deux

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3 days ago // rams plays tos - + 9

okay so I’m gonna do a liveblog of the Tales of Symphonia Collection because I got it as an early birthday present and this is my favorite tales game. obv spoilers abound, etc etc

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3 days ago // rams plays tos - + 18

more pixels (ノ)ノ

5 days ago // kingdom hearts - aqua kh - arts - this was SO much fun - gonna do more prob - and maybe some keyblades - + 771