someone’s character tag for riku is #you survived

all of a sudden really upset about child warriors

they’re children

little shadow boy


remember when this blog used to have good art yeah me neither

wow that’s almost as smooth as telling her she smells like this other girl you know

good evening tumblr, let me tell you a story

I bought salt and vinegar chips today and I payed for it dearly

everything I eat tastes like vinegar and I am full of regret

learn from my mistakes, children

Anonymous asked: whispers have you read beyond the ocean beach by edmondia dantes and rayemars? it deals really well with the sorikai + namiku stuff and is all-around excellent so if you have not read it my professional opinion is that you should bc it is relevant to your interests

heck yeah I have and it’s like my favorite kh fic I’ve read in years I’m so sad it stopped updating

someone sent me a fanmail and since i can’t publish those here is the question:

So, I’m just curious: Do you ship Sorikai and Namiku concurrently, like Riku is in love with all three of them (well, with Namine and with SoraandKairi)? Or are the ships two separate ideas in your head?”

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you’re thirteen floors underground, dude, were you expecting full bars??

Anonymous asked: Are you still drawing the phone au or did you stop? I haven't seen it in a while and was just wondering.

I have been constantly on the hunt for new ideas from it to draw and am in fact drawing something as we speak


presidentlaguna asked: This theme is so cute phone AU is cute you are cute C U T E

YOU’RE cute wtf!!