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Hi, I'm Rams and I draw stuff from that one game with the giant keys

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collectively composed - Kingdom Hearts


3k, Sora/Riku/Kairi, entirely fluff. as twitter friends are well aware, i just finished Dream Drop Distance only like. two years late to the party, and although i have about 0 intention of ever writing more than one fic for this ancient, ancient fandom, i kinda had to write one. had to exorcise the demons, u know.

"You know, you’re kind of a idiot, Riku," Kairi smiles, leaning her head against his shoulder. She feels warm, pressed against the length of his side, and Riku doesn’t even attempt a rebuttal. He’s never found a good one before. "My relationship with Sora isn’t any different than your relationship with Sora."

Riku pauses a moment, mouth half-open. Five thalassa shells, sewn together like a star, strung from the end of a Keyblade. ”I’m—I’m not quite sure that’s true.”

"No, no, it is." She doesn’t even look up when she replies. She knew what he’d say. Two years ago it’d’ve been absolutely infuriating, but he barely registers surprise now. "If there’d been a true copy of me, there’d have been a true copy of you. I know it."

Riku knocks a heel against one of the pier’s aging supports, doing his best not to give Kairi’s words much thought. He can’t say he’s never considered the subject before, late at night, lying sleepless in bed or out sprawled on the beach. Sora smiles wider than anyone Riku’s yet met, as wide as the sky from east to west, and Kairi has a way of moving her hands when she speaks, like she’s got the world in her grasp and if she twists it just so, just for you and her, it’ll blossom.

1 day ago // SORIKAI - OT3 - PLEASE READ THIS - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEASPLE - SE - READ THIS - THE SORIKAI WE'VE BEEN DREAMING OF - i might have to illustrate from this later????? - it;s so good - i'm crysing - lambergeier + 68

sometimes sora and kairi tie up their boyfriend and compliment him until he’s a hot mess??

3 days ago // kingdom hearts - riku - sorikai - ot3 - arts - nsfw-ish - lOOK EVERYONE IS DOING THAT KISSING MEME - i cant be held accountable for this - + 400

i made a joke about this like five seconds after it happened but i haven’t drawn it until just now shame on me

3 days ago // kingdom hearts - riku - sora - arts - the ending of kh2 was so painfully ‘no homo bro’ - trapped in the hell dimension for what looks like eternity - and you can’t talk about your goddamn feelings for five minutes - + 672

some moleskine draws from yesterday and today

3 days ago // kingdom hearts - riku - kairi - arts - ms - one of my favorite headcanons about riku - is his shitty ass posture - + 213

okay i’m done looking at this

somehow i didn’t notice this outfit when the news dropped??

5 days ago // kingdom hearts - namine - arts - i like 3dku's shirt a lot - + 570

omegakyogre said:

To give you another positive ask. I’ve just been meaning to say, lately I’ve been playing alot of KH lately and tbh I always think of your art when I play?? And I always get a little happy since your riku ask blog always made me smile so whenever I see riku i think of your blog and i just get a little happy ahaha XD

hellzabeth said:

your KH art and meta keeps me alive in this dry period of waiting for more KH stuff to be released. thank you for existing.

dang wtf thank you guys?? I can’t even say that i think of my favorite fanartists/writers when i’m actually playing, so that’s a huge compliment! ALSO LIKE, at least half or more of the meta and headcanons come from talking to wol, she’s the other half of every au we do and she’s amazing

5 days ago // asks - seriously i don't post enough of the sweet asks - i post the dumb ones because WOW but like - i should spread the positivity more often - + 12
Anonymous asked: I want to thank you for drawing such LOVELY Kingdom Hearts art. I adore Kingdom Hearts and all your stuff makes me smile so much, especially that tiny Riku you did. Really everything is lovely, sweet and funny. Your portrayal of everyone feels so genuine and your style is so very charming. So yes, thank you so much for sharing and putting a smile on my face. I wish you the very best.

and now, a really nice ask to balance things out

(thank you very very much!! ( ´ヮ`) )

5 days ago // Anonymous - + 19
eddierendel asked: I don't mean to hate on your ships, but i really prefer RokuNami and RikuXion. Would you mind making a drawing of any of those Senpai?

[ugly laughter]

5 days ago // this is one of the most baffling asks i've gotten recently - did you actually just come in here and ask me to draw your ships instead of my own - for free - eddierendel - + 10

more modern reboot of kuro’s travelling outfit

1 week ago // ocs - spf - kuro - arts - still keeping that nerdy sweatervest outfit for later - + 35

fall is coming

1 week ago // arts - i can't wait for the weather to get cold - hoodie time!!!! - + 39