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Hi, I'm Rams and I draw stuff from that one game with the giant keys

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more modern reboot of kuro’s travelling outfit

2 days ago // ocs - spf - kuro - arts - still keeping that nerdy sweatervest outfit for later - + 33

fall is coming

3 days ago // arts - i can't wait for the weather to get cold - hoodie time!!!! - + 36

now that’s strategy

jk they’re probably gossiping about The Husband

3 days ago // fire emblem awakening - starring mackenzie and astera - arts - + 108

here’s a thing i was going to finish but then i decided i hated it

4 days ago // kingdom hearts - scribs - i'm really mad and artblock rn - maybe i can sleep it off - + 76

what if

X brands for current and former nort hosts

not sure where i like it best tho

6 days ago // kingdom hearts - riku - arts - leaning towards the wrist one - gives the wristbands a use besides awful punk fashion - jk i love the wristbands - + 401

I haven’t drawn mar in forever and also I’m about to retcon her outfit so I wanted to draw it again before I did

6 days ago // spf - ocs - mar - arts - still super fond of her outfit - but it needs to fit a more modern look - because the boys cannot wear that stuff anymore - and also i want spf set in a closer time period to our own - + 46

wol and I were talking about if kairi’s signature keyblade was something less dainty and magic-based and more like terra’s type of heavy physical keyblades and so I modified chaos ripper and threw in some oathkeeper and

say hello to Collision Radiance

1 week ago // kingdom hearts - kairi - arts - i'm so very very into kairi headcanons rn - i love kairi a lot - + 1305



lays down on the floor and cries

1 week ago // rams channel - mir do i need to make you a tag - quality mir fic - how about that - + 8

i empathize with squall on a deep level

1 week ago // ff8 - squall leonhart - arts - i think he was still in his prom tux during the scene but i don’t care - i'm diving back into ff8 lets see how long i last - + 434

mir wrote me more fic go read it right now

2 weeks ago // rams channel - trying not to double up too many of my posts on my own blog - ilu mir you know that right - + 4