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Hi, I'm Rams and I don't know what to put here

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more pixels (ノ)ノ

1 day ago // kingdom hearts - aqua kh - arts - this was SO much fun - gonna do more prob - and maybe some keyblades - + 580

fiddling around with pixel art

1 day ago // kuro - ocs - spf - arts - christ i'm rusty i need to relearn how to pixel - also how to dither without looking like an idiot - + 29

I started playing minecraft again and I forgot how pretty the sunrises are ( ´ヮ`)

1 day ago // minecraft - + 44

so wol n me are making the mutual horrible decision to

get into n aru t o????????

it’s an ongoing dare of some kind and i think it’s all my fault

4 days ago // rams channel - i'm so sorry if i end up getting into it - + 18

so I got new glasses for the first time in like

seven years

4 days ago // rams channel - a wild ram appears - i realized too late that i could have gotten mirai kuriyama red frames - at least i can see more than ten feet ahead now - + 29

A small OC description meme


1.Draw/Describe them
2. Give a small conversation between you and your oc
3.write/draw an action packed scene! Give details about their weapon or fighting style. would they calm themselves when in a panic?
5.If your OC ran your blog how would that look?
7. Do they get flustered often? If so what does that look like?
8. Favourite colour
9. Are they ticklish? Draw or write that!
10. Their death

1 week ago // i might draw them like tomorrow night but this sounds fun........ - imagine-your-oc + 439

they’re simple exercises but at least one person gets injured in the process because it’s lea and kairi

1 week ago // kingdom hearts - riku - arts - phones au - i'm a little sorry about this au - but then i'm really not - + 565
tumblr user sorceressrinoa
1 week ago // best wol - no one likes that ending part where you play as reek - i mean i like it but i also - hate it - + 31

when riku starts getting reclusive, kairi has to take drastic measures

1 week ago // kingdom hearts - riku - kairi - arts - everyone in this au has an iphone because that’s what i have and i can’t be bothered to look up other phone screens - except for TVA - they have nigh indestructible nokias - eraqus and yen sid have a rotary dial telephone - phones au - + 523

sheena pinup

1 week ago // tales of symphonia - sheena fujibayashi - arts - i'm glad they didn't make her a Sexy Ninja but - imagine her in aqua's boyshorts and thigh highs - + 64