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Hi, I'm Rams and I draw stuff from that one game with the giant keys

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sketchbook dump of some kuros (and one tiny ry)

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feralphoenix asked: sora?

hate: is there anything to hate about sora?? is that a thing? i mean he’s p generic protag, but that’s not awful or anything

like: adorable friendship child!! idk i don’t have a whole lot of feelings about sora but he’s great in context of his relationships w/ other people

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Anonymous asked: kingdom hearts?????

hate: gender ratios holy shit. why am i even IN this fandom there’s like six girls and they all get marginalized to hell. also i think we can all admit that the plot is kind of bonkers, nomura is making this shit up as he goes

like: individual character development and trios!!! prizing friendship over romance yes GOOD?? also sometimes it’s magical and great and happy adventures and sometimes all the main characters get possessed/put in a coma/banished to the hell dimension and i am all about potential tragedy

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entertainmentduelist asked: namiku

hate: canon leaves them in a really hard to ship spot but i give zero fucks i will ship them until my dying days, carve namiku on my tombstone

like: EVERYTHING UGH it’s all about comfort and softness and it’s just. so nice. she gets him like no one else and they fit together so well sighs dreamily

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sorceressrinoa asked: the bravedefs

hate: RINGABEL I STG why can’t you just behave you’re so great except for the enforced character trait of being a cassanova wannabe

like: EDEA……. also i love multi class job systems and COSTUMES heck yeah

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Anonymous asked: riku



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rarmaster asked: fire emblem awakening??

hate: enforced hetero marriage system!! for real way to limit my ships, ugh. also why are all the male future kids besides gerome and i guess owain unnecessary and boring

like: a strategy game that doesn’t punish you for not being an instant expert!! yeah dog!!! also the dlcs are SO GOOD and so is the plot omg i am all ABOUT that shit

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Anonymous asked: tumblr


like: most of the rest of it, tbh

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sorceressrinoa asked: tales of symphonia, twewy

TOS hate: the pacing is way slower than i remember it being but maybe that’s just because i played it like 3 times when it came out?? also parfor the course in a tales game. also zelos, ugGHHHHH

like: SHEENA and also the temples are really neat puzzle-wise

TWEWY hate: i remember despising some of the pins that are impossible to activate, and also some of the boss fights kind of spike the difficulty? also joshua is a douchebag, he was so much better in kh3d, i was lied to

like: every character interaction ever, and overall the combat is p fun

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the  new ask meme: send me literally anything and ill tell you something i hate about it

Twist: conversely, I’ll have to also tell you one thing I like about it.

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