summer evening breezes blew

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Hi, I'm Rams and I draw stuff from that one game with the giant keys

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i mixed up aqua and paine’s lines but they share a japanese voice actor so at least i wasn’t 100% wrong

6 hours ago // kingdom hearts - aqua - arts - i can feel myself getting cranky time for bed - + 177

draws the same shitbaby in the same palette over and over and over

7 hours ago // kingdom hearts - riku - arts - don't look at me - this is what happens when i draw for myself - it's just the same thing over and over - + 85

i made another…. mu………..

her name is mackenzie and i swear to grima i didn’t MEAN to give her perfect riku hair it just


10 hours ago // fire emblem awakening - arts - wol wouldn't stop going on about how being lucina's mom is the greatest - and so i made a new girl mu - marrying chrom by accident once was enough but - lucina my child - precious murderchild - + 34

a green kuro

and now i think i got all the scribs out of my system goodnight

1 day ago // ocs - spf - arts - kuro - i love this brush i love it so much - + 31

wol and i were talking about if MU could reclass to manakete and

how 2 draw dragon

1 day ago // fire emblem awakening - fea spoilers??? - arts - how do i even tag this - + 245

so i totally missed namine week because of computer problems/work but here are some scribs to make up for it because i love

the babe

what a babe

1 day ago // kingdom hearts - namine - namine appreciation week - riku - namiku - arts - i love namine so much ugh - + 166

it’s been less than 24 hours w/o my laptop andi have my phone and i’m using mom’s imac but i’m


i want my baby back

also i want the water damage to have magically vanished

3 days ago // rams channel - i am so spoiled i didn't realize until i set my laptop aside in rice - 'what do you MEAN i can't lay on my bed and be on the computer at the same time???' - also i mean i can't draw because i'd have to locate photoshop and install it on mom's - i drew on paper last night and it was surprisingly difficult - + 8

okay so the ram is clumsy as hell and spilled water on the trackpad of her laptop
dried it off but the mouse was randomly clicking and dragging/wouldn’t respond to the two finger scrolling
I left it for a little and the random clicking/dragging stopped and two finger scrolling came back but now it won’t click at all
wol suggested putting it in a bag with rice so it layered rice on the bottom of a trash bag and set it on top and folded it over and i’m leaving it overnight at least but
does anyone else have tips/experience with this kind of self-made disaster? i have a macbook pro, 15”, circa like 2009

4 days ago // rams channel - computer woes - i have literally never had this thing serviced - everyone seems to have more problems when it comes back from the tech people than when it went in - sighs - + 4

the family went on a trip so i have the day off and the whole house to myself and i

now what

4 days ago // rams channel - when you grow out of your teen years - an empty house is more lonely than independant - also the Throat Thing might be back i'm so angry - + 11

found a new brush i reeeeeaaaally like for scribs

also here’s some moody teenage slouch machine

5 days ago // kingdom hearts - riku - arts - i need to see about reapping with him - i miss playing this little shit - + 174