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Hi, I'm Rams and I draw stuff from that one game with the giant keys

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even quiet couples have arguments sometimes

9 hours ago // kingdom hearts - riku - namine - namiku - otp - arts - their arguments usually start with riku being awful and self hating - he gets so wrapped up in his own guilt and self worth issues - and it makes her really upset because it's like throwing away someone else's belief in you - he only stops focusing on his manpain when it makes her cry and - then he feels terrible for days - they eventually kiss and make up and cuddle for hours - sighs - + 149
Anonymous asked: Your Grimaku AU fanart is amazing!!! Please tell me King Mickey is this AU's Lord because the idea of Mickey wearing Chrom's outfit is the funniest thing to me

wol: hoyl shit

ram: the onesie

wol: a single sleeve

okay but i think we’ve decided that TAV is kairi’s older siblings and aqua is the exalt. ven is like some kind of flying mount/mage/trickster and then terra is just. fredrick. for classes. and aqua is sage/tactician/lord and broken as hell there’s a reason she’s the exalt

p sure kairi is lord/myrmidon/peg knight and sora is falcon knight/cavalier/mercenary and riku is tactician/(dark) mage/myrmidon

this au is Important i am so invested right now

10 hours ago // grimaku au - Anonymous - + 15

more grimaku au……….

kairi is princess of ylisse but she has a p nice reclassing range. she reclasses to assassin and is thrilled because bows and swords are her jam

11 hours ago // kingdom hearts - fire emblem awakening - kairi - arts - grimaku au - the boys are like ayoooOOOOOO - and she's like don't make me reclass you guys to dancer i stg - + 113

so me n wol are working on a grimaku au……….

1 day ago // what do i even tag this - kingdom hearts - fire emblem awakening - riku - arts - shrugs vaguely - grimaku au - + 106

pinup monday i guess

1 day ago // kingdom hearts - aqua kh - arts - nsfw-ish - jk it's p tame - + 292

how bout them ghibli crossovers

2 days ago // kingdom hearts - riku - namine - namiku - otp - spirited away - arts - + 321

i got so caught up in how adorable my new mu is that i almost forgot she’s dragon satan

3 days ago // fire emblem awakening - fea spoilers - arts - she married chrom too this is gonna be good - i can't wait for the sudden yet inevitable betrayal - + 68

i haven’t seen the wol all day and i’m


3 days ago // wol come back - [distressed ram noises] - rams channel - + 4

laptop update

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3 days ago // rams channel - sighs @ macs being so expensive - the higher quality screen is really worth it though - also windows 8 looks awful - + 9

so on that note

i’m taking my computer in for repairs tomorrow and i have no idea how long they’ll keep it so

prepare for another 3 days (or more???) of no art

4 days ago // batten down the hatches - run to your Lack of Art Shelter - rams channel - i mean i guess i could make text posts but i don't have a lot of valuable text to contribute - + 3